+the pencil is where I was yesterday- El lapiz sigue donde estaba ayer
+i´m near to the park, where there are the houses- Estoy cerca del parque, donde hay casas.
+See where yesterdar-Nos vemos donde ayer.
+I hope you where the car-Te espero donde el coche.
+We were where the beginning of the first chapter- Estabamos donde el comienzo del primer capitulo.
1. I'll be waiting for you at the restaurant where we met last time.
2. A hospital is a place where ill people go to get better.
3. This is where I left my keys, but they are no longer here.
4. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
5. Don't cage that bird. Keep that animal where it belongs!

Espero que te sean de ayuda :)