I will go to the bathroom
i will go to school tomorrow
i will go to lunch
i will sit there
i will marry him
i will always want you
i will go to visit my grandma on monday
i will tell him that i love him
i will delete you on facebook
i will go to taco bell this week
1. They will clean their rooms. (Limpiarán sus habitaciones.)

When I am president, I will lower taxes. (Cuando sea presidente, bajaré los impuestos.)

3. He promises he will call when he arrives. (Le prometió llamar cuando llegue.)

It will be a great party. (Será una fiesta genial.)

5. She will arrive late. (llegará tarde.)

They will be happy to see you. (Ellos estarán felices de verte.)

7. I will  ring (call) you tonight. (Te llamaré esta noche.)

8. Wait, I will help you. (Espera, te ayudaré)

9. He will probably come back tomorrow. (Él probablemente regresará mañana)

10. It will rain tomorrow. (Lloverá mañana)