Espero que me puedan ayudar con este trabajo
Thanks :)
Make sentences with the
following words:

1. like /for /Christmas? /would /What/ you

2. Karen /the /likes
/piano. /playing

3. like /to /Italy.
/would /visit /Mike

4. homework /doing/ like /her /She /doesn't

5. you/ your /to/ like/ homework/ would/do/I

6. They /move /like
/Paris./ would/ to/ to

7. very /playing/ football /like /much./ We

8. don't /you /Why
/like /oysters?

9. cheese?/ you /Would /like /some

10. I /jazz /listening
/to /like/ music



1. What would you like for Christmas? 
2. Karen likes playing the piano. 
3. Mike would like to visit Italy. 
4. She doesn't like doing her homework. 
5. I would like to do your homework. 
6. They would like to move to Paris. 
7. We like playing football very much. 
8. Why don't you like oysters?
9. Would you like some cheese?
10. I like listening to jazz music.