The first ice appeared in China 4,000 years ago. Considered a delicacy , was very different from what we know as such: the primitive ice cream was a paste of boiled rice , milk and spices wrapped in snow to solidify . Gradually appeared frozen fruit juice with snow . And walking the streets of Beijing in the thirteenth century would find the classic ' Ice Cream Cart ' .
Trade routes with the West brought this refreshing dessert in Italy . Teachers kept with exquisite zeal gelato recipes. And for good reason : the ice cream was a rich dessert , because by using a packed basement freezer ice collected during the winter. Serve ice cream during a meal was a symbol of social status. So when Catherine de Medici married in 1533 to King Henry II of France, ordered an iced fruit serve different every day all the time wil betrothal . And the celebration lasted for a month. Now that weddings were .
In 1560 a Spanish resident in Rome, Blasius Villafranca , found he could quickly freeze the mixture if added salt to the ice and snow surrounding the ice cream. With this finding the poor could enjoy such an exclusive dessert. And in 1920 the U.S. launched Harry Burt ice cream covered with chocolate and vanilla with a wooden stick to hold . Polo was first born .