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.I live in New York.- I do not live in New York- Do I live in New York?
2.I always brush my teeth.- I dont always brush my teeth- Do i always brush my teeth?
3.All living creatures need water to live.- Not all living creatures need water to live - Do all living creatures need water to live?
4.Hurricanes are very dangerous.-Hurricanes are not very dangerous- Are hurricanes very dangerous?
5.She loves Michael. - She doesnt love Michael-Does she loves Michael?
6.She lives in Denver. -She doesnt live in Denver- Does she lives in Denver?
7.Mike has two daughters.- Mike doesnt have two daughters- Does Mike has two daughters?
8.I understand you perfectly!-I do not understand you perfectly- Do I understando you perfectly?
9.Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson have eight grandchildren.-Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson does not have eight grandchildren- Does Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson have eight grandchildren?
10.Your father works here.- Your father doesnt work here-Does your father works here?
11.Your grandparents live in the same city as you-Your grandparents doesnt live in the same city as you-Does your grandparents live in the same city as you?
12.My girlfriend study German.-My girlfriend doesnt study German- Does my girlfriend study German?
13.I know him.- I dont know him- Do I know him?
14.Margaret goes to the beauty – salon.- Margaret doesnt go to the beauty salon- Does Margaret goes to the beauty salon?
15.Mrs. Carlton works here. -Mrs. Carlton doesnt work here. - Does Mrs. Carlton works here. ?
16.My brother has a son. -My brother does not have a son- Does my brother has a son?
17.She likes me. -She doesnt like me - Does she likes me?
18.My computer has a lot of softwares.
19.John believes in you. John doesnt believe in you -Does John believe in you?
20.Rita and Robert have a big house. Rita and Robert does not have a big house.- Does Rita and Robert have a big house?
21.We go to the beauty salon every Saturday. - We dont go to the beauty salon every Saturday- Do we goto the beauty salon every Saturday ?
22.It doesn’t works if you don’t press the button. -It works if you press the button- Doesnt it work if you dont press the button?
23.He likes pizza. - He doesnt like pizza- Does he likes pizza?
24.She does her homework -She does not do her homework - Does she do her homework ?
25.Mr. Park drinks coke.-Mr. Park does not drink coke- Does Mr. Park drinks coke?
26.Mark and Linda are married.- Mark and Linda are not married- Are Mark and Linda married?
27.She sleeps a lot.-She doesnt sleeps much- Does She sleeps a lot?
28.She doesn’t like cooking every day.- She likes cooking every day-Does she like cooking every day?
29.They don’t have any money.-They have money- Dont they don’t have any money?
30.He drives his new car.-He doesnt drive his new car- Does he drive his new car?
i have been helped to my mom 
she has gone to a party 
they have eaten very much 
You have seen that movie many times.
you have felt sick since monday
She has worked here for ten years
They have lived in Paris since 1999
I have played
you have played
he has played
we have played
you have played
they have played
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