1. We may finish the leftovers in the refrigerator.
(The leftovers in the refrigerator may be finished)

2. Fire destroyed that house.
(That house was destroyed by the fire)

Yo necesito hacer eso en las siguientes 20 oraciones, espero puedan ayudarme con ellas porfavor!

1. They should send it to us at once
2. The mailman is delivering the mail now.
3. He has to finish it today.
4. The police are holding him for further questioning.
5. They may organize a new group next week.
6. You ought to send the package by registered mail.
7. The citizens are defending the city bravely.
8. They cannot hold the meeting in that room.
9. They may deliver the merchandise while we are out.
10. He has to pay the bill before the first of the month.
11. He may pay the bill for us.
12. Congress is debating that question today.
13. For the time being, Karen is teaching that group.
14. You ought to water the plant once a week.
15. The company is shipping the merchandise today.
16. We must warn them of the danger.
17. They couldn't sell the house at that prince.
18. They are sending my aunt to Europe on a special mission.
19. You should insure the package