In my holidays, I went to my grandparent´s house, in Argentina (no se de donde eres, aquí pon lo que se te ocurra) with my parents and my brothers. I swam in their swimming pool, and I played football with my cousins. It was very funny. 

When I came back, I went to the cinema with some friends. We saw "Terminator" (o cualquier película), it was great! We ate pop corn and then we went to a cyber. We had an exellent day. 

The rest of the week I played on the computer, the playstation, and I saw television. I enjoyed a lot my holidays. I want to repeat it in my next holidays. 


En mis vacaciones, fui a la casa de mis abuelos, en Argentina (no se de donde eres, aqui pon cualquier pais, o ciudad) con mis padres y mis hermanos. Nadé en su piscina y jugué fútbol con mis primos. 
Fue muy divertido. 

Cuando volví, fui al cine con algunos de mis amigos. Vimos "Terminator" (o cualquier pelicula), estuvo genial! 
Comimos pop (palomitas de maiz) y luego fuimos a un cyber. 
Tuvimos un dia exelente. 

El resto de la semana jugué en la computadora, en el playstation y mire la tele. Disfruté mucho mis vacaciones. Quiero repetir esto en mis próximas vacaciones 

Ojalá te sirva! 
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Describe a Stressful Time in Your Life:

Money causes teenagers to feel stress. It makes them feel bad about themselves and envy other people. My friend, for instance, lives with her family and has to share a room with her sister, who is very cute and intelligent. This girl wishes she could have her own room and have a lot of stuff, but she can’t have these things because her family doesn’t have much money. Her family’s income is pretty low because her father is old and doesn’t go to work. Her sister is the only one who works. Because her family can’t buy her the things she wants, she feels a lot of stress and gets angry sometimes. Once, she wanted a beautiful dress to wear to a sweetheart dance. She asked her sister for some money to buy the dress. She was disappointed because her sister didn’t have money to give her. She sat in silence for a little while and then started yelling out loud. She said her friends got anything they wanted but she didn’t. Then she felt sorry for herself and asked why she was born into a poor family. Not having money has caused this girl to think negatively about herself and her family. It has caused a lot of stress in her life.
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