There is a red apple on the table.
There is a beautiful cat in the tree.
There is a beautiful boy in my English class.
There is a rabbit in my backyard.
There is a beautiful dress in your closet that you can wear.
There is a ball in my bedroom I can lend you.
There is a baby on the bes who is waiting to be fed.
There is a purple shirt in your closet.
There is a teacher in the class that anoys me.
There is a girl with pretty eyes next to my house.

There are many books in the library.
There are many black shoes in your closet.
There are many cookies on the table.
There are many apples you can eat.
There are many notebooks in my schoobag.
There are many yellow pencils on my desk.
There are children in the park you can play with.
In the sea there are many fish you can look at.
There are many monkeys in the zoo.
There are many children in the school.

1) We need some bananas.
2) You can't buy any posters in this shop.

3) We haven't got any oranges at the moment.

4) Peter has bought some new books.

5) She always takes some sugar with her coffee.

6) I have seen some nice postcards in this souvenir shop.
7) There aren't any folders in my bag.

8) I have some magazines for you.

9) There are some apples on the table.

10) Pam does not have any pencils on her desk.