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Los verbos irregulares en inglés, son aquellos verbos que al conjugarse cambian su forma, es decir, son los verbos que al usarlos en distintos tiempos (pasado, presente y futuro) cambian la manera de escribirse.

A continuación, se presentan 25 oraciones con verbos irregulares en inglés (y su verbo en infinitivo)


1.- Finally I became the master in my Math class. (become)


2.- I drank wine yesterday because I was very happy.  (drink)


3.- I accidentally cut my fingers and they bled too much.  (cut)


4.- Fortunately I did my chemistry homework two days ago.(do)


5.-  Rebecca found golden jewelry under her bed. (find)


6.- My parents spoke to my English teacher I am a genius.(speak)


7.- My grandfather told me to be a kind person forever. (tell)


8.- My girlfriend wore nice clothes, she impressed me. (wear)


9.- Cesar Vallejo wrote brilliant poems. (write)


10.- I spelt really badly the English word “accurately”. (spell)


11.- My uncle rode the horse very well this morning.  (ride)


12.- We began this project and we will finish it. (begin)


13.- Karen bought a nice car for me.  (buy)


14.- I fell down when I was playing soccer. (fell, am)


15.- Last week I ate a delicious pie. (eat)


16.- Luckily my mother forgave me, so I can go to the disco tonight. (forgive)


17.- Luis froze his soda, it’s very cold. (freeze)


18.- Your boss got good news for you.  (get)


19.- Jose Maria Arguedas grew up with poor people. (grow)


20.- My aunt said she will give me some money. (say)


21.- Ramon stole a wallet in the classroom yesterday. (steal)


22.- Your brother spat at the teacher. He is sick. (spit)


23- The workers built my mansion with passion.  (build)


24.- I drew butterflies. I like nature. (draw)


25.- I won the price. I finished the 25 sentences. (win)