¡La mejor respuesta!
-You must take a picture of the lion
-I must run if the lion follows me
-I must be-quiet
-I must be excited for this travel to Africa
-I must be careful. the lion must be sleeping, -That guy must feel scared to be so close to the lion
-They must be tourists like me
-You must be shocked for seeing that animal so close
-He must love the lion since today

~I Mustn't scream
~I mustn't separate of the group
~You mustn't touched the lion
~The girl mustn't be playing
~I think this mustn't be dangerous
~The lion mustn't be happy here
~My parents mustn't know that I'm in Africa
~He mustn't throw garbage
~I mustn't use the camera's flash
~They mustn't be bads with the animal