The Carnival of VeniceIntroduction:Carnivals date change from year to year, as the same are directly linked to Lent. Therefore, the dates of the Venice Carnival 2014 will be on 15 February to 4 March .On Saturday February 22 will be the Masked Costume Contest or the Feast of the Maries at the Piazza San Marco . For his part, Angel Flight is the next day , Sunday 23 February. The 2014 Carnival Sunday is March 2 , and Mardi Gras , end of the holidays, will be March 4 .Its origins date back to 1094, when the Queen , to relieve the discomforts arising from his regime, especially in the lower classes , decided to grant a period of fun and entertainment to its citizens. During this period, which lasted six weeks Venetians left to work and business side and dedicated to have fun at parties, shows , jokes of all kinds, gambling and all sorts in the streets , in theaters, in cafes, private homes and palaces in all of Venice . Venice became a big stage, in which the masks , colors and games joy and carelessness of the Venetian people represented.development :The "Carnival of Venice " is distinguished by luxury and splendid wealth, the music of Vivaldi, masks and beautiful and mysterious men and women. The Commedia dell'Arte : popular themes, ironies , complex stories , acrobatic leaps and tender love scenes that made it a success.The culinary specialty of Venice carnival is a sweet . This is called the Frittole , which are fritters made ​​from milk , flour, egg , butter, grapes and pine nuts , flavored in Italian grappa - marc - , and fried in oil.The Carnival of Venice is unique in the world and its tradition dates back to the eleventh century , people dress up and goes out for a walk and take pictures , either organized or impromptu parades . Thousands of visitors come to Venice at this time to admire the costumes of the inhabitants of Venice. Costumes are costumes seventeenth -century Venice , as if they were fresh out of a box during the Carnival many events and festivals are organized , some of them private it is difficult to attend without plug. Tourists The goal of most visitors is to see Venice Carnival and take pictures with the best costumes are not disguised. In some pirates kidnapped 973 married women in their costumes and jewelery but people managed to save and release what is remembered with the Feast of the Maries in which the most beautiful Venetian parade with traditional costumes. The first Sunday of Carnival Flying Angel or Colombina , a dove of metal thrown from the belfry to the Ducal Palace, one of the most important symbols of Venice is held. The bird has been changed by a person who plays the angel. The Grand Canal is also a very important stage where gondolas look .Final :Venice is one of my favorite cities even in times of carnival takes people , which takes away the charm of the solitary Venice that is when tourists abandon sleepover , The streets are transformed , are full of couples in disguise posing. Carnival comes from the seventeenth , when the nobility was disguised to go mingle with the people. Since then the masks are the most important element of the carnival . You can stop and make pictures with them .
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