You are like a rose, pretty and very perfect, your eyes are like a sky on the nigth black and dark...
The way is not the way is the fightWith the unknown with the luck with destinyAnd what is that when you feel in your bloodthe furious wishes of a better world?You call a god to combat the reason of existenceYou feel the incompetence the conflict the unreasonableYou feel the guidelines of how to stop in the sideDreaming with other ways. Watching your eyes impassivedoing nothingAnd I perceived the weatherThe rain over my bones, the storm, the raysThe intentions, the naked bodies crossing one side to anotherWithout homes, without hopes, and alones…and womenwandering in a men’s planet. Cells all over the waysintelligent or foolish cells that kill us. I still walkingand looking for at least a single cell, or a tiny-segment-mattershowing me love!