Oraciones con verbos intransitivos
Agree ,Appear, Arrive, Become, Come, Die, Exist, Fall ,Flow ,Go ,Happen, Laugh, Live ,Occur
Rain ,Rise, Seem, Sit, Sleep ,Sneeze ,Stand ,Stay, Talk, Wait ,Walk.




1. I Agree in advance on the time that a meeting should last.
2. It Appears at the bottom of every page.
3. My mother Arrives by noon on Tuesday.
4. It Becomes hard when put into cold water.
5. I'm not sure when he'll come.
6. Million of children Die of hunger every day.
7. The first signs that life can exist in the deepest seas were nets full of mangled goo.
8. Fall from grace Henri Meyer was a man of a morally neutral disposition.
9. The ballon flow away.
10. I will go to the beah on holidays.
11. We cannot tell what could Happen tomorrow.
12. She looked at it and coughed, tho it could have been a stifled laugh.
13. I live with my parents.
14. It Occurs when the middle ear becomes blocked.
15. A dip in a river or a walk in the pouring rain will do wonders for a Gordon coat.
16. The ASTI is pursuing a claim for a 30 per cent rise in pay.
17. I seem to remember the Doctor & Romana being trapped in a room for what seemed like an eternity.
18. The first decision to make upon walking into a meeting room is where to sit.
19. They are designed to give your baby the best in safe, comfortable and restful sleep.
20. Apparently it is very difficult to stifle a sneeze, even if you are a swan!
21. I stand proud, I stand proud, I stand up for myself, but not alone, with society.
22. Hiroshi pretends that their car is broken in order to engineer an overnight stay in the house.
23. I always talk to Mary when there is something I dislike.
24. I always wait David after school to get home with his company.
25. She walks like a model.