She is reading a book.
I am watching TV.
He is working hard.
She is listening to the radio.
He is sleeping now
Tom is doing his homework.
I am going to the cinema.
They are playing tennis.
We are dancing tango.
Mira el presente continuo se caracteriza por el gerundio ing que se le agrega a un verbo en presenté pero para esto usaremos la ayuda del verbo to be am, is, are mira puedes usar esta fórmula

Personal pronoun + am,is,are+verb+ing+complement

I am working with my dad
She is cooking fish in the kitchen
He is eating pizza with her cousin
They are studying algebra for the exam of tomorrow
We are swimming in the pool of Carlos
You are writing a book of science fiction
I am sleeping in the bed of my sister
He is running in the park
She is walking in the street
You are boring for play video-games