Are you doing your homework?
Are you taking a shower?
Are you calling Pedro?
Are you playing soccer?
Are you eating pizza?
Are you playing video games?
Are you eating dinner?
Are you watching tv?
Are you reading a book?
Are you cleaning your room?
I am going to school Am I going to school? Iam not going to school.  She is drinking coke. Is she drinking coke? She isn't drinking coke. We are playing video games. Are we playing video games? We aren´t playing video games. She is ironing my jeans. Is she ironing my jeans? She isn't ironing my jeans. The children are running in the garden. Are the children running in the garden? The children aren´t running in the garden.My father is paying the bills. Is my father paying the bills? My father isn´t paying the bills.I´m eating fish. Am I eating fish? I'm not eating fish.Her mother is painting the wall. Is her mother painting the wall? Her mother isn´t painting the wall. Mary is reading the book. Is Mary reading the book? Mary isn't reading the book.They are writing a test. Are they writing a test? They aren't writing a test.