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La película es frozen
this movie it's about two sisters, anna and elsa, their parents are the king and the queen. Elsa, has the power of turning everything on ice or snow, and he can turn everything what she wants. One day elza hurts anna, and their parents forbade playing again together, and the kids were separate. years later, their parents die, so they had to get close again and be friends, because elsa is goint to be the queen cause she's older, elsa hurt again anna and she left to the mountains, anna follow her and try to explain that it's okay and she don't want to be so far of elsa. so elsa come back and everyone live hapily ever after.
i liked this movie because it's not about love, i mean, it's not about a prince and a princess who fall in love, it's about the love of the family, the love of two sisters, and i really think that should be more so.