AL INGLES do you know that the kangaroo can´t walk at all - but it can travel at 64 kilometers an hourll. this amazing animal is very good at jumping it can jump 6 mt. at a time. an adlt kangaroo is only 1.5 mt tall, it can jump over a car Y AL ESPAÑOL COMO SABES QUE EL CANGURO NO PUEDE CAMINAR EN ABSOLUTO- PERO PUEDE VIAJAR A 64 KILÓMETROS POR HORA ESTE INCREÍBLE ANIMAL ES MUY BUENO SALTANDO HASTA 6 METROS A LA VEZ EN UN DETERMINADO TIEMPO UN CANGURO ADULTO SOLO MIDE 1,50 PERO PUEDE SALTAR AUTO
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Abandoned pets are getting common in the city. These animals can be left alone on the property. Pets are abandoned for a variety of reasons. Often, when abandoned, pets are forced to fend for themselves. In particularly , cats often join colonies, while dogs go to colonies. Feral cats are difficult to deal with, as often they become impossible to socialize enough to be re-introduced to a new human owner. In general, only newly abandoned cats and very young feral kittens can be tamed. It would be better to live unwanted pets at a shelter or give them to people that really take care of them.