Me pueden ayudar. nesecito una fabula en ingles inventada con principio medio y final .

puedo suponer que son las partes en las que se divide la fabula es decir introduccion, cuerpo y desenlace al igual que como termina
pero esq la maestra creo q para q lo entiendan mejor porq es para mi niño de primer grado
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Esta un poco larga pero THE MICE AND THE CATThere lived several families of mice in a big mansion. Life was good for them as there was always an abundance of food, especially in the kitchen.But one day, the master of the mansion brought home a cat. Since then, life became miserable for the mice.Day or night, the cat would prowl the mansion. The mice dared not come out of their dens because the cat was always lurking around.As the days passed, the mice became weaker and weaker because they could not venture out of their dens to find food.Finally, an old mouse said, "We cannot go on like this, or we will all die of hunger and thirst very soon. We have to find a way to deal with the cat.""Indeed, we have to come up with a plan," agreed another mouse. "Let’s get all the mice together tonight and see if we can think of something."Soon, it was nightfall. All the mice had gathered at their usual meeting place in the mansion.The eldest mouse cleared his throat and said, "I’m sure all of us have not been very happy of late because of our common enemy, the cat."All the mice nodded their heads and muttered their agreement.The eldest mouse continued, "We must therefore act together now and come up with a plan to deal with the cat. Or we will all end up as the cat’s meal one day"One of the mice suggested killing the cat, and every mouse agreed it was a good idea.So, the mice began discussing various plans about how to kill the cat. But as soon as someone proposed a new plan, others would reject it as unworkable.Finally, a young mouse said, "We may not be able to kill the cat, but perhaps we can think of a way to know its whereabouts. That way, if we know it is coming, we will have time to run"The other mice cheered at the suggestion.The young mouse continued, "I have a plan. It’s very simple, really. All we need to do is to hang a bell around the cat’s neck. Wherever it goes, the bell will ring.If the bell is really big, we can even hear when the cat is coming before it is even close!"All the mice jumped and clapped at the idea.Suddenly, a wise old mouse said, "That is a very brilliant idea. Now, who will hang the bell around the cat’s neck?"Moral: It is one thing to say that something should be done, but quite another to do it.
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 Once there was a princess named Erika who had everything and did not like to share with the poor and as you didn't share it said that I will never share with anyone, he liked to have what I would like to. One day Erika was walking with her friend and Erika was eating a cake and her friend asked her to share, but she did not. Then one day he was told that she or he was the real Princess but was her friend and Erika was very sad and started to cry and another Princess if he liked to share but as not shared by the other she did not share you or I leave to stay in the Castle. Since that time, Erika shared with everyone and knew that if they wanted that she shared her something also I had to give to others.
MORAL:You have to share with others and you want them also to share with you.
esta es inventada no se si t sirva
esta es una fabula corta y apta para niños
si muchísimas gracias me gusta mucho.
lo bueno q es corta