These shoes have been made in Japan

This new medicine has been created by scientists

The Guernica has been painted by Picasso

Radium has been discovered by Marie Curie

The permanent exhibition has been visited by thousands of people

These picture have been painted by the same artist

War and Peace has been written in 1869 by Tolstoy

La Maja Vestida has been painted by Goya

The light bulb has been invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison

The pyramids have been built by the Egyptians

Swan and The Nutcracker have been composed by Tchaikovsky

The graffiti has been removed to the next street

The wall has been covered by the artist

The landscapes in this room have been painted by Constable

The sculpture has been moved to the library

This wooden chair has been made the next week

The car has been broken in the middle of the road

The house has been built by the architests

The homework have been made by the boy who was punished

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