Mary was a really impulsive person, last month hit a classmate because he used her  new pencil. his classmate left the hospital nine days after. her parents didn´t know what can they do for her daughter, she was too aggressive. one day she was walking on the street when a man came near her, he was drunk, wore a old jacket that was wet,  and smelt at alcohol. suddenly the man grabbed Mary´s jeans and said in his ear: hello sweety I heard that your are a little aggresive, let me see.Mary was really scare and started to cry.the man was the father of the boy that Mary sent to the hospital  and only was trying to scare her. he told her the truth and warned what would he do if she hurts at his son again. since that night Mary doesn´t gets into troubles.
espero que te sirva, chao.
muchisimas graciass me ha venido genial
De nada siento no haber podido antes