I agree with smoke-free laws. They can be a way to improve public health in general reduce people's exposure to smoking, limiting the places to smoke and help smokers reduce their cigarette consumption. It is a warning, especially for children and young people about the dangers of smoking, where smokers are addicted, cancer and many other diseases. These rules and laws are anti-snuff ways to avoid the dangers of smoking.

I support the ban on smoking in public places because it is the only way (so far) to protect nonsmokers. Usually smokers show no consideration for non-smokers. Smokers believe they have the right to smoke, but do not care about the rights of nonsmokers. Often see children playing around smokers. These smokers should stop once and for all. Smokers should have the right to smoke only in certain places only.
I totally agree with this ban. In fact, I see it as a ban. I think it is to protect the people's right to breathe air free of tobacco smoke for those of us who for years have suffered by the habits of smokers. And even better than that, that allows us to bring our children to public places where it was impossible because there were many smokers around, for example, go to breakfast with their children in a bar or restaurant.