1) Will our team win the match?
2) When will you arrive in Scotland?

3) Will it rain tomorrow?

4) Will you come in for a moment?
5) Where will she live in 2030?
6) How old will your mother be in July?

7) Will you pass me the salt, please?
8) Will Rupert make breakfast?
9) Will the teacher phone her parents?

10) Will Frank turn 16 this year?

11) Will you lend me £50?
12) When will they move to the country?

13) Will Laura do the exam in French?

14) When will Kim send us the file?

15) Will John run a mile in 5 minutes?

16) Will your father paint the garden bench?
7) How many days will she stay in Rome?
8) Will we visit the Grand Canyon National Park?
9) Will William like it in Brazil?
20) I'm going to a basketball match. Will you come with me?

21) They will be back by 6:30 pm.
2) Will you help me?
23) When will I see you again?
4) His parents will not punish him for being late.
5) Will they sign the contract tonight?
26) It will take us three hours to get there.
7) Will this concert raise money for our school club?
28) This van will not break down with 8 people in it.

29) The meeting will not close before tomorrow morning.

30) When will she send me a copy of her essay?