You will help him later.
Will you help him later?
You will not help him later.
I will send you the information when I get it.
I will translate the email, so Mr. Smith can read it.
Will you help me move this heavy table?
I promise I will not tell him about the surprise party.
Don't worry, I'll be careful.
I won't tell anyone your secret.
I will call you when I arrive.

You are going to meet Jane tonight.
I'm going to be an actor when I grow up.
Michelle is going to begin medical school next year.
They are going to drive all the way to Alaska.
He is going to spend his vacation in Hawaii.
She is not going to spend her vacation in London.
John Smith is going to be the next President.
The year 2222 is going to be a very interesting year.
The movie "Zenith" is going to win several Academy Awards.
When you arrive tonight, we will go out for dinner.

You have seen that movie many times.
I have seen that movie twenty times.
I think I have met him once before.
There have been many earthquakes in California.
People have traveled to the Moon.
People have not traveled to Mars.
Have you read the book yet?
Nobody has ever climbed that mountain.
I have been to France.
Joan has studied two foreign languages.