¿Tiempo futuro con Be going to y Will?
Hola a todos, vean tengo un problema con estas dos preguntas:

Nadia is going on holiday

Read her email to her friend.

Who is going with her on holiday? = Este debo responder en tiempo futuro con be going to.

What does she promise to do after her holiday? = Este otro en cambio debo responderlo en tiempo simple futuro con Will.

Bueno e ahí mi duda ¿Cuáles son los pasos a seguir para responder este
tipo de preguntas? es que no entiendo muy bien como son sus funciones

Este es el correo que envía Nadia.

Hi Fernanda,

How are you? Thanks for your email - I was happy to hear that you're OK.

I've got some news, too! I'm going on holiday next week with my older
brother and Anna - a friend from school. We're going to stay on a farm
for four days! We're going to look after the

animals and go horse - riding, too. I'm sure I'll love it - you know I'm
crazy about animals! I want to learn all about cows and horses, and I
hope I'll have time to go walking in the hills, too.

Well, I must go and finish my homework - I've got lots to do before the
holiday! I'll write to yo when I come back, and tell you what it was

Take care





¡La mejor respuesta!
Who is going with her on holiday?
Her older brother and a friend from school, Ana are going with Nadia on holiday next week.

What does she promise to do after her holiday?
Nadia will write to Fernanda when she comes back from her holidays and tells her what it was like.

* to Express a Voluntary Action.
I will send you the information when I get it.
* to Express a Promise
I will call you when I arrive.

* to Express a Plan
I'm going to be an actor when I grow up.
* to Express a Prediction
The year 2020 will be a very interesting year.