- What do I look like?
- What is your job?
- Did they eat all the meatballs Grandma brought?
- Where are the yellow trousers I bought for you?
- Don't you see I love you?

Affirmative sentences:
- I like eating chocolate.
- Helen goes to the cinema every Monday.
- Sam drives his car back home.
- I saw you last night around the corner.
- They have a baby called Jessica.

you are playing guitar?
I'm playing guitar. 

you are listening to music?
I'm listening to music. 

you are watching TV?
I'm watching TV.

you are doing homework ?
I'm doing homework 

you are writing a letter?
I'm writing a letter

you are swimming in the pool?
I'm swimming in the pool

you are dancing with my friends?
I'm dancing with my friends.

Espero te sirva,