En ingles:
A:Hello Bety How are you?
B: Hi Anna Im very good and you?
A: Fine thanks. I called you yesterday but you did not answer me.
B: Oh yes I checked the call but I forgot call you back I'm sorry 
A:Dont worry so tell me How have you been?
B: I've been so bussy and I'm really tired
A: Really? Why?
B:I've been working all day during these 5 days and I need a break.
A:You poor thing. You should take a break 
B:Yes I should and I will. Let'go to my place to watch a movie.
A: That sound great. Lets go.

te sugiero que hagas un dialogo sobre el administrador de un hotel y un aseador que tienen un problema con uno de los clientes porque dice que la habitación esta sucia ( solo dialogo entre administrador y aseador no el cliente ) esto me resulto a mi me resulto algo parecido