-My handbag is in the car. (Mi cartera está en el coche)
-This digital camera works in the water. (Esta cámara digital funciona en el agua)
-I live in Spain. (Yo vivo en España)

-There is a big spider on your shoulder. (Tienes una gran araña en el hombro)
-The cat is sleeping on the chair. (El gato está durmiendo en la silla)
-She is sunbathing on the beach. (Ella está tomando el sol en la playa)

-I met my boyfriend at a party. (Yo conocí a mi novio en una fiesta)
-She looked at me inmediatily. (Ella me miró inmediatamente)
-I'll wait you at the airport. (Te esperaré en el aeropuerto)

Espero haberte ayudado :)

Aqui tienes 20:
He came on Sunday 
We meet on Tuesdays 
I am going to see you on your birthday 
I see him on the evening of may the first 
We left at half past 2. 
I didn't know at the time of writing 
At nigh you can see the stars, 
What are you doing at the weekend? 
We woke at dawn. 
Can we meet at the end of the weekend? 
I'm getting forgetful in my old age. 
We normally have lunch at midday. 
I usually work in the afternoon. 
We are in 2010. 
Before I came here, I lived in France. 
I left work at ten o'clock last night. 
I took over this job in the middle of last year. 
I bought this computer at the start of the summer. 
She studied in the university for 5 years 
I've studied English since my childhood 
I work from Monday to Friday