Michael is the oldest boy at the party.
That is the flimsiest excuse I’ve ever heard.

Katie wore the prettiest dress she owned.

Snow white was the fairest maiden of them all.

These are the thinnest pancakes I’ve ever made.

Aunt Jane was the least upset when the spilled coffee stained her tablecloth.

Rebecca was the most talented singer in the competition.
John is the smartest boy in his class.

Who is the richest man in America?
Luke threw the longest touchdown pass in high school history.

It's the least comfortable and the most expensive.
The bus is less expensive than the train.
Cristina works less than Jorge.
Cars are less long than trucks.
Chickens are less bright than dogs.
James is the least nice neighbor in the area.
This book is the least expensive.
This house is the least comfortable.
These books are the least expensive.
These houses are the least comfortable.

The book is more interesting  than the film.
A car is more comfortable  than a donkey back.
The plane is the most expensive  means of transport.
This is the most exciting  film I've ever seen.
Your idea is better than mine. But the old man's is the best of all.
Marrakesh is farther from Rabat than Casablanca. But Dakhla is the furthest city to the south.
Laziness is worse than ignorance. Laziness is rather the worst characteristic in a person.
Rabat is larger than Tangiers. But Casablanca is larger than both Rabat and Tangiers. It is the largest of them.
July is hotter than April. But August is the hottest month of the year.
Nadia is pretty. Leila is prettier than Nadia whereas Aisha is the prettiest of them all.

I think, the cat is as intelligent as the dog.
The girl is as beautiful as her mother.
The boy is as tall as his father.  
A tiger is as dangerous as a lion.
Einstein is as famous as Darwin.
Ramona is as happy as Raphael.
Moscow is as cold as St. Petersburg in the winter.
Peter is 24 years old. John is 24 years old. Peter is as old as John.