Simple present tense:
I run in the park 
You speak english very well 
He paints his house 
She washes the dishes 
The house is big, "it has four rooms 
You answer difficult questions 
We learn new languages 
They take swimming lessons
You are lazy 
We are the most beautiful girls in this party 

Simple past tense:
1. I arrived home late yesterday. 
2. What did you eat for lunch? 
3. She didn´t enjoy the concert. 
4. What time did the tennis match start? 
5. I loved my birthday gifts. 
6. She visited her grandparents last weekend. 
7. We went to a Chinese restaurant after leaving the office. 
8. They never told me what their names were. 
9. John lived in Paris in 1999. 
10. My dog died last month. 

Present perfect tense
I haven't gone to the cinema yesterday.
She hasn't listened to my new song yet.
We haven't played football in the park.
You haven't read this magazine yet.
They haven't come to the party yet.
He hasn't eaten anything yet today.
The dog hasn't barked all day... thanks God!!
I have not seen that movie.
James has not finished his homework yet.
I think I have met him once before.