Esto es facil por ejemplo:
I'am working to the Park
She doesn't working to the Park
Does she working to the park?
1. Are you working?
2. yes, I am working.
3.No I am not working.
4.Are you working as a teacher?
5.No, I am not working as a teacher?
6. then, you are working as an office clerk?
7. no, I am not working as an office clerk either. you work as an architect?
9. No, you are still wrong. I don't work as an architect.
10. keep on trying...what do you think I work as?
11. Ok. do you work as a general manager at the supermarket?
12 no, wrong answer again. I will give you a my work I fill out many forms.
13. ..besides that what else do you do in your work?
14. well. I interview a lot of people that is part of my work too.
15. Where do you work?
16. I work for an international company.
17 When did you begin working there?
18. long time ago...and still i like my work.
19.there are so many workers there...working hard!!
20. I wouldn't change my work...I am an Administrator.
Espero que esto responda tu pregunta!!!