1.This exercise is difficult. 

2.We're from Spain. 

3.My grandmother's name's Adelaide. 

4.The kids are in the garden. 

5.You're English. 

6.My car is very expensive. 

7.This is my student's notebook. 

8.These photographs are very nice. 

9.Alex is twenty-five years old. 

10.I'm fine. 

11.The earth is round. 

12.She knows everything about movies. 

13.I want to eat more cake. 

14.He is less worried about the situation. 

15.I bought some books. 

16.Few boys went to the park. 

17.Many people were at the party. 

18.There is little food in the refrigerator. 

19.He has much money. 

20.He has too many books. 

21.He has too much time to finish his homework. 

22.Each and every person needs love. 

23.The children can read a book together. 

24.John is tired. 

25.Mary has gone to Spain. 

26.I am visiting grandpa in the afternoon. 

27.You are always coming late for the meetings. 

28.They are swimming in the pool. 

29.I think you look pretty today. 

30.I'm riding a bike to get to work because my car is broken.
31-she ate chicken 
32-i went to the store this morning 
33-i flew to paris the last year 
34-talked to my dad 
35-he did his homework 
36-my sister cleaned the room 
37-i drank beer on saturday 
38-i liked that song 
39-the phone rang early 
-I woke up late 
41-i fell asleep early last night 
42-i made my dinner tonight
43-my brother dissapiared tonight 
44-i sang a song that night 
45-i did the laundry 
46-i came late to my class 
47-i had a car 
48i deleted all my old memories 
49- i had a bad dream last night 
50-i was a kid 
1.Yo compre ese automóvil
I Bought this Car

2. Ella dibujo una montaña 
She drew a mountain

3. Ellos comieron toda la noche
They ate overnight

4. Tu corriste en la mañana
You ran in the morning

5* Mi madre hizo un pastel
My mother made a cake

6* Mi Hermana hizo su tarea
My sister did her homework

7* Yo estudie ingles en la universidad
I studied English at the University

8* Mi mascota salto por 5 minutos
my pet jumped for 5 minutes

9* Ese sacerdote dijo muchas mentiras
This priest said many lies

10* Aquella enfermera vomito en la calle
That nurse vomited on the street