El futuro simple es muy fácil lo que necesitas es:

Sujeto + will (en todas personas) + Verbo en su forma básica
Para negación usas will NOT (won´t).
Y para preguntas usas el WILL cómo el operador: Will you?


1. You will pass this exam.
2. He will be the first to know, I promise.
3. My dad will be there to pick us up.
4. I will cut my hair after Christmas.
5. She will regret not coming with us.
6. Joan will miss so much fun if she will stay at home.
7. I won´t be just standing there and watching you.
8. I will go to the seaside next summer.
9. We will buy a bigger house next year.
10. You won´t loose any weight if you won´t stop eating so late at night.
11. I will tell them to stop making fun of my little sister.
12. We will not be able to go skiing this winter, we can´t afford it.
13. My sister will be on her summer camp for the next 3 weeks.
14. I will try to pass this exam.
15. He will take care of it, no worries.
16. Children will go to bed early.
17. She will not find us here.
18. You won´t enjoy this movie.
19. I will call you tomorrow.
20. Do not worry daddy will come back soon.