ON:1.Look! there's a dog on the table. (Mira! hay un perro en la mesa)
2.Planes fly on the sky. (Los aviones vuelan en el cielo)
3.I hit my head on the shelf. (Me di en la cabeza con el estante)
4.I was on TV las night. (Salí por la TV anoche)
5.Put it on the chair. (Ponlo en la silla)
6. The book is on the table.(el libro está en la mesa)The food is on the table (la comida está sobre la mesa)
The clothes are in the closet (las ropas estan dentro del closet)
The hotel is on station road (el hotel está en station Road)
the pencil is on the table / el lapiz esta en la mesa
she is in the house / ella esta en la casa
the chair is on the floor
the pictures are on the wall.
She is in u. S. A.
His mother is in that house
My things are in my room
7.The rubber sin on the chair ( la goma esta en la silla)
i often listen to music in my car
in my room i have a poster on the wall and a photo of my parents on the table by mi bed
my family are from zurich but we live in munich
she lives in the city centre
our flight is leaving on monday at 7.30 in the evening and arriving at midday on tuesday.
we have an exam on friday
in most countries, banks and offices are clossed on christmas day
computers were invented in the 20th century+
albert ainstein was born on 14 march, 1879 in germany, and he died in 1955 in te usa
they swan in te sea and then went for a walk in the park