1. Did you clean your room as I asked you?
No dad, I didn´t, I will do that after school.
2. You did not go out last night, did you?
Actually, I did, Tom came over and convince me not to stay at home on Friday night.
3. Did you left your baby sister alone?
Of course I didn´t!
4. Did he hit him on purpose?
I think he did.
5. Where did your sister meet her boyfriend?
In London. They were doing an internship in the same company there.
6. Did you try my soup?
No I did not, but I would love to do that.
7. Did you call me last night?
Did I? Maybe, I don´t remember.
8. Did I hurt your feelings?
No you didn´t but you shouldn´t be so sincere anyway.
9. Did you lost your cellphone yesterday night on the party?
I did! Did you find it?
10. Did he do his homework?
He is just about to finish.
11. Did we meet before?
Yes, I think we did.
12. Did you study at Yale?
No I didn´t, but my sister did.
13. Did you take the money I left on the kitchen table?
I did, sorry I thought it´s pocket money, mom was supposed to left for me.
14. Did he take the dog out?
I hope he did! Poor animal it must feel terrible!
15. Didn´t I tell you, I hate chocolate pudding?
I thought it was vanilla.
16. Did she pay her bills last month?
Yes she did, but she is still supposed to pay for this one.
17. Did you spend your summer on the seaside?
I did! How do you know?
18. Did he skip classes today?
I am afraid he did.
19. Did you try the new pizzeria they opened last week?
No, I didn´t, did you?
20. Did you know that sushi is one of the most popular japanese dishes?
Yes I did, I love it!

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