Ayuden es urgente ayudaaaaaaaaaa

A)Identify "present clauses" and "future clauses".

1)teresa and i ____________ (not travel) to brazil if we _________________(not get) money.
2)if the television_________(not work)She________(buy) a new one.
3)if you_______________(give) me money i_________(visit)my friends.
4)she____________(not live) in talcahuano if her parents____________(not move) there.

B)Change the given sentences into interrogatives.(10 points)



A) Identify "present clauses" and "future clauses".

1)teresa and i won't travel (not travel) to brazil if we don't get (not get) money.
2)if the television doesn't work (not work) She will buy (buy) a new one.
3)if you give (give) me money i will visit (visit)my friends.
4)she won't live (not live) in talcahuano if her parents don't move (not move) there.

B) Change the given sentences into interrogatives:
1) Will we travel to Brazil if we get money?
2) Will she buy a new television if it doesn't work?
3) Will you visit your friends If I give you money?
4) Will she live in Talcahuano If her parents move there?