1-Can you open the door?
Yes, I can.
2-Are you listening to music?
No, I am not.
3-What's the weather like?
It's cold and snowy.
4-How are you?
I am fine, thanks.
5-Do you like music?
Yes, I do.
6-What's that?
It's a cow.
7-Is it an animal?
Yes, it is.
8-Where are you?
I am next to you.
9-Where do you sit in your classroom?
I sit in front of the teacher.
10-Do you like computer games?
Yes, I do.
11-Can I borrow your pencil case?
Yes, you can, here you are.
12-Why do you play football?
Because I think is fun.
13-What's your favourite day of the week?
My favourite day is friday.
14- Do you like magazines?
No, I don't.
15- Are you making models?
No, I am not making models.
16- How often do you play football?
I seldom/hardly ever/almost never play football.
17-What's your favourite month of the year?
My favourite month of the year is december.
18- Are you reading magazines?
No, I am not reading magazines.
19-Do you like maths?
No, I don't.
20- Why do you don't like maths?
Because I think it's difficult.