I have gone to Spain twice. 
He has come early this month. 
I have gone to that school for about two years. 
I have met a lot of people here. 
We have been friends for a long time. 
We have walked  I have just eaten a chocolate cake. 
She has worked there since 2000.  
They have written the inform for the boss. 
You have drunk alcohol for many years. 
He has just gone to the club. 
i have been helped to my mom 
she has gone to a party 
they have eaten very much 
You have seen that movie many times. 
you have felt sick since monday. 
 They have lived in Paris since 1999. 
i have played. I have cooked some cookies
You have lived in New York City
I have erased the whiteboard
You have cleaned my room
They have written some letters
I have bought a car.
I have read a book. 
They haven´t gone to the cinema.
She hasn´t had her shower yet
You haven´t been in your house  
I have seen that movie four times
They have  brought a new house
We have  arrived
she  has cooked some cupcakes
I have played soccer  since 2010 
they have eaten very much 
 the weather has been great since saturday
I've already have lunch
She has eaten her dinner
the dog has eaten a bone
The baby has been crying  for hours
She has walked today
we have gone to the beach
I have met a lot of people here
I have studied  for my exam
they have lived in Paris since  2012
my sister has done her homework
i have studied the whole night
the boy has played football
you have watched the TV
I haven't talked to Peter
She hasn't gone to work.
We haven't been to London.
They haven't learned English.