Me mandaron a hacer 5 ORACIONES de las tres reglas del uso del apostrofe en total 15 me pueden decir las oraciones de esa tarea

Hay algunas reglas para colocar el apóstrofe, así que te doy las oraciones de las 4 más importantes y espero coincidir con las tuyas.


1° Se usa el apóstrofe como abreviación del sujeto+verbo to be
I am = I'm
She is = She´s
They are = They´re
He´s my English teacher.
They´re the ones who hit me last night.
I'm the best student in my class.
She´s living is New York right now.
We're wasting our time taking to you.

2° Para abreviar auxiliares negativos:
do not = don´t
does not = doesn't
did not = didn´t
cannot = can't
must not = mustn't

I don't know why you told me to be here at 7 o'colck.
She didn't answer my question because she tought it was main.
He doesn't know the real reason of why I did what I did.
You shouldn't talk back to your mother.
We can't assume things as facts without any evidence.

3° Para mostrar posesivos.
the restaurant belongs to Ana = Ana's restaurant

Robert's car is the nicest in the garage.
Paris‘s people have its own accent.
The ladies‘ restroom is closed.
Women‘s accessories are very expensive.
Here is Thomas and Carmen’s wedding invitation.

El plural en las abreviaciones

TV's, etc.

The DVD's you lent me last night were incredible.
Currently, the CD's are not a main of recording anymore.
The TV's aren't the newest I've ever seen but they are nice.

5° Como abreviatura al auxiliar have/has en el tiempo presente perfecto o para le presente perfecto progresivo.
They have been = The've been

I've never been to London before.
She's worked as a teacher for five years.
They've been reading the same book for over 13 years.
I've lived here since I was born.
He's read the newspaper since he became a reporte.