¡La mejor respuesta!
Richard is the unluckiest boy in the world.  He never falls ill but if  he falls ill, it happens on Sunday or when his class goes on the most exciting school trip one can imagine.  He never gets extra money, but if his granny gives him some coins he loses them. His brother is more handsome than him. His trousers’ pockets have  holes  in them. He is a good student but when he writes an important class test, his pen runs out of ink. His sister is a better runner than him. If he has a date with a girl, his bus breaks down. His canary is the worst singing bird he has ever had. But when he proudly invites a schoolmate to listen to it, the canary becomes the most silent bird of all.
But Richard thinks he is very lucky. He thinks he is the luckiest boy of all. He has a wonderful mum and a wonderful dad, loving grandparents, an adorable little sister and a supportive big brother, aulthough his broter is taller than him. His desk mate is the funniest in the school and the girls in his class are the prettiest.  He has an affectionate doggie and a wonderfully singing canary (not always). His friend's canary is funnier than his but both are very playful. Richard is always happy because he has a great heart. He’s the most generous boy in town.
One day his mother gave him some money to buy an ice cream. He didn’t put it into his pocket. When he arrived at the ice cream shop,  he saw a homeless man outside it. He looked hungrier than any homeless near the corner and Richard  thought he is the poorest man in the world. He has very old clothes and terrible sunglasses.
His appearance is worse than any man who hasn't taken a bath in years. Richard looked at the ice cream in the shop window and then looked at the man. He decided not to buy the ice cream and gives the money to the poor man.
The man smiles and said “Thank you very much. You are more generous than my loved ones. But  I’m not a poor man. On the contrary I’m the richest man in town and I sometimes wear old clothes to see what people do.
The eccentric millionaire took Richard the biggest to shop in the area and said to  him : “Choose the present you  prefer. Even the most expensive one, if you want  “
Richard asked:” Can I choose two, instead?”
“Of course” answered the man .
Richard chose the newest stereo because next time ,when his canary keeps silent , he will at least  be able to  listen  to music with his friends. He then chose new sunglasses for the man. The poor man thanked Richard and they became good friends.