My best friend is from Italy, she came to my country when she was 12 years old and we are in the same class since that year. she is quite tall, thin and got a long dark hair that really suits her. her eyes are bigs and greens like her sister´s eyes that is four years older than she. she is too funny always makes me laugh with her jokes, is a little bossy and nosy but when you meet her is a kind person who always is ready to help people. she hates sports but she loves dancing.
espero que te sirva, chao.
Muchas gracias, lo vales 100 justas muy bien gracias
de nada me alegra haberte ayudado si necesitas algo más dímelo. ¿ves como había 100 JackSparrow? :P
jajaj, si si ;)
cuéntalas si no me crees...