Last year, I and my Mom joined my Dad in California during the summer vacation.   We started from Delhi late night and flew to Los Angels where my Dad came to pick us and we drove to OrangeCounty where we had an apartment.   The drive was fast with wide roads and big cars.   We were tired and having Jetlag my Mom slept for the next 24 hours. After that Dad made arrangements and we got season tickets for the famous amusement parks of Los Angles – Six Flags, Disneyland, Universal studio, San Diego SeaWorld.   We went to each park and spent the entire day enjoying it, then we would take a break of two days and the hop on to the next amusement park.  Six FlagsMagicMountains had over a hundred rides with some the biggest Roller Coasters I have seen.  DisneyLand had a lot of fun filled rides and we really enjoyedNemo Ride (a submarine experience), Pirates of the Carribean (a boat ride), Splash mountain was a free fall boat ride.   There were other rides like California Screamin', a looping rollercoaster and I had a fantastic time.  In Universal Studio, I saw how rain, car crash, air crash effects are created for movies.   I also saw the sets where ‘SpiderMan’ movies are made.   I saw ‘Mr Bean’s’ Car.   We also experienced a live show of ‘Fear Factor’.   There we enjoyed a ride about the mummies ‘ The Mummy Returns-Chamber of Doom’ and the ‘JurassicPark’. We visited the ‘San Diego SeaWorld where we saw a lot of Dolphin shows and one show by ‘Shamu – the famous Shark.   The also had a 4D movie  experience in the ‘Haunted House’ where the effects made us feel that rats were everywhere in the hall.   We also saw a effect where a snake seemed to strike out of the screen and come into the audience.   We enjoyed  a simulated helicopter ride to the Antarctic Glaciers. Apart from these amusement parks we would also go to some of the best beaches of Southern California like Long Beach, Huntington beach, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.   It was fun and I enjoyed my first experience of the sea and its sands. We also went shopping to Hollywood and had a glimpse of the Beverly Hills.   I saw ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ museum in HollywoodThen my vacation time was over and we had to fly back so that I could go to school.   My Dad drove us again to the LA  Airport and when we were about to cross the security barrier, I could not help myself and started to cry remembering all the good time I had with my parents.   I pleaded with my Mom requesting her to extend our stay but she convinced me that going back to school was more important.   We arrived late at night at the DelhiAirport and next day even after being so tired I  went to school.   This is how my story of my happiest vacation ended.