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AFIRMATIVAS: I will speak.  We will help you. I will get you a drink. I wil buy the tickets.
NEGATIVASI will not answer the question. She will not read the book. They will not drink beer. We will not send the postcard. The computer will not crash.
PREGUNTAS:  Will you ask him? What will they eat? What will you do? Where will we meet? Will the teacher test our English?
(going to)
AFIRMATIVAS:  She is going to call her boyfriend. They are going to play squash.  I am going to brush my teeth. We are going to learn Greek. We are going to walk in the mountains
NEGATIVAS: I am not going to sell my carThey are not going to study harder. We are not going to get up early next Sunday. He is not going to help us. She is not going to stay with Amy.
PREGUNTAS: Is he going to cook dinner tonight? Is Lucy going to call a taxi? Is the computer going to crash? Is he going to play football tomorrow? Are you going to run in the race?

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The children play in the yard. Jacob works in the library. I eat lunch at noon. My sister reads a lot of books. You watch TV.


Michael doesn’t play football. She don’t run in the test. I don’t like sleep. They don’t love study. My friend don’t eat fruits.

wh questions going to

What are going to do? How am I going to make the cake? When are we going to fly to New York? Who is going to be my girlfriend? Where are we going to drink?

wh questions will

How will be the weather? Where will I study Chemistry? What will I do in this class? When will he return? Where will they search? What will he open? Where will you walk? When will you do the homework? Where will she go tomorrow? What will we eat tonight?
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