1. Carla does an english exercise - Carla hace un ejercicio de ingles 
2. They do the math homework - ellos hacen la tarea de matematicas 
3. I do the english work - yo hago el trabajo de ingles 
4. Mateo does an excellent painting - Mateo hace una pintura excelente 
5. You do a game cheat - Tu haces un truco para el juego 
6. I do what teacher says - Hago lo qe el profesor dice 
7. He does the work with me - El hace el trabajo conmigo 
8. You do the homework - Tu haces la tarea 
9. I do the shopping - Yo hago las compras 
10. We do a drawing - Nosotros hacemos un dibujo 
Do/Does como pregunta:
Do you like playing chess?
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.

Do you drink coffee at mornings?
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.

Does she study the same career as you?
Yes, she does.
No, She doesn't.

Does he play soccer in your team?
Yes, He does.
No, He doesn't.

Do/Does como oraciones negativas
I don't like eating at that restaurant.
I don't care if you are her friend, you are mine too.
She doesn't sing in the school's chore.
He doesn't work as an enginer, he is a teacher.
chevere eso es lo que necesitaba thanks :)