El don´t y el doesn’t son la forma abreviada (contracción) de do not – does not, además, estos son la forma negativa de Do – Does, los cuales son los auxiliares que se usan en el Simple Present (presente simple). Las oraciones negativas en presente simple se estructuran de la siguiente manera:   Sujeto + verbo auxiliar negativo(don’t – doesn’t) + verbo principal + complemento.

Do – Don’t trabajan con: I, you, they, we.

Does – Doesn’t trabajan con: He, She, It.


10 oraciones con Don’t


1.- They don’t play baseball.

2.- You don’t eat vegetables.

3.- We don’t study English.

4.- You don’t dance in the party.

5.- I don’t like to read.

6.- I don't know who you are.

7.- We don't work together.

8.- They don't have the slightest idea of who I am.

9.- You don't have to be another person to be their friend.

10.- I don't have any money for your gift. Sorry.


10 oraciones con Doesn’t


1.- My father doesn’t drive bicycle.

2.- He doesn't do his homework.

3.- He doesn't bring the camera.

4.- He doesn't play the guitar.

5.- She doesn't practice any sport.

6.- She doesn't work as a teacher, she is a nurse.

7.- He doesn't like the way you treat him, so be nice with him.

8.- It doesn't have the colors I wanted but I take it anyways.

9.- She doesn't train baseball, she is a swimmer.

10.- He doesn't eat meat, he is a vegetarian.