1.- this is a crayon ..1.-these are a crayons
2.-this is an Apple ...2.-these are an apples
3.- this is my english teacher ...3.- these are muy english teachers
4.- they is a good student .....4.-they're a good students
5.- this is my family beautiful.....5.- these are my families beautiful
ya no te ayudo más porque ya no me acuerdo
pero esto es una idea
1.- The chair is broken
the chairs are broken.

2.- The table is brown.
the tables are brown.

3.- There is a monkey in that tree,
there are two monkeys in those trees.

4.- My cousin is my best friend.
my cousins are my best friends.

5.- The computer is new.
the computers are new.

6.- the parrot is singing.
the parrots are singing.

7.- my dog is vry playful.
my two dogs are very playful.

8.- the cat is furry.
the cats are furry.

9.- the pencil is on the table.
the two pencils are on the tabke.

10.- my finger hurts.
my five fingers hurt.