I went into the store.
I went into the house because it was cold outside.

When he walked into the room, he found that the meeting had already started.
The price of the kitchen was calculated into the price per meal.
Put the toys into the basket.
The pumpkin was turned into a carriage
She turned her paper into the teacher.
Put the cookie back into the jar.
Cinderella stepped into the carriage.
The car is coming into view now.
This road continues into the next county.

I'm really not crazy about TV, but I occasionally watch a ballgame.
Cuba is crazy about dollars
Ann is crazy about John. He's crazy about her, too.
He was my first love, and I was crazy about him.
A woman once rang me up and said, 'Mr. Escher, I am absolutely crazy about your work.
Im crazy about beauty and about speed!
Milagros is crazy about dancing.
I'm not so crazy about practising tennis.
He has always been crazy about publishing.
Queen Margot and Charles IX were crazy about his sonnets.