A ver puede ser asi mas o menos 
-what is your name 
-my name is ..........
-where are you 
-i am from canada 
-what is the name of your brother
-his name is ..........

asi mas o menos 
 espero que te sirva 

pero un poquis mas largo porfiiisss
ahi hay dos mas eso es lo unico que se me ocurre
A.What´s your name?
B.My name is Paul.
A.Where are you from?
B.I ´m from Guayaquil,Ecuador.
A.When´s your birthday?
B.On July 26th
A.What´s your favorite singer?
B.My favorite singer is Paul McCartney.
A.What´s your phone number?
A.I´m sorry Can you repeat the last four digits?
B.Sure. 1366
A.Your welcome.