1. If you do you own homework you will become a competent speaker of English. 
2. It is harsh to ask others to do all your work. 
3. You should be ashamed to cheat on your homework. 
4. If you were mentally disabled it might be reasonable to ask others to do all your work. 
5. The mind is a fragile thing; if you refuse to challenge yours you will not succeed in life. 
6. The benefits of doing your own work are marvelous. 
7. It is benevolent of me to give you all the answers. 
8. It would be more courteous of you to do your own work. 
9. A moral person would not cheat on their assignment. 
10. A trustworthy person would never cheat like this.
Source:Couldn't resist...everyone knows the meaning of these words; do you own work. Post it and ask for corrections or ask for an explanation. Don't just ask someone to do your work.