How many cars do you have?
How many cds have you got ?
How many are we here  ?
How many languages can you speak ?
How many countries are there in Africa ? 
 How many cigars are there in the box ?   
How many pesos is a sandwich and a banana?
many tomatoes does he need for the salad
How many children do you have?
¿How many elephants can you see  ?
How many pencils have you got in that pencil-box?

How much money do you have?
How much are the potatoes?
How much is this car?
How much money is there?
How much milk is there?
How much juice is there in the bottle?
 How much rice is there in the pot?   
How much whisky have you got in your case, sir?
How much work out can you make during the day?
How much money has he got in his pocket?
How much oil do they produce in a year?
How much money can you pay?