I think technology is very important nowadays. Things that were done in hours years ago now can be done in seconds just by using technology. People who can make use of technology can make their lives easier by using a washing machine instead of washing the clothes by hand, searching on internet anything they want to know about make it faster than going to a llibrary and start reading for hours and finally find what they wanted to investigate. Technology can be used in various ways such as for education, houseworks, communication, and everything a person would like to get a benefit from it. Although it can provide a lot of benefits to society, it can also cause significant damage if misused it becomes. People can use it against people, by internet scam, where scammers usually ask for bank accounts from their victims, by making them believe they are surfing the net in a safe web. So my conclusion in that technology is good for humanity, people who use it with evil ends are the ones who are bad for society. So technology is not bad, it depends on the person who is using it.